codec error message - never seen before


Over the weekend I have been testing a range of cameras with iStopmotion 2.7 and each time a message has cropped up that I have never seen before “Unable to decompress your camera’s image format cause a suitable codec is missing.” I have been using your software for years with loads of different cameras (Firewire and webcams) and I’ve never seen this before. It did also say that the codec needed is part of FCP or Logic so I also have just tried it on a machine that runs FCP and still the message cropped up. Any suggestion as to why this is cropping up and do I need to worry about it in the long term?

Hello nkell,

I am sorry, that you have trouble using your camera. This message pops up if you try to use a full HD video source and because Apple only installs the appropriate drivers with FCP or Logic. May I ask you which camera model are you currently using?

Thanks for your replay. The cameras I was using were a SONy DV Cam (SONY HANDYCAM DCR-IP55E MICROMV DIGITAL) via firewire and alsi an aGent V5 HD webcam - from what you are saying I can understand why the aGent camera made this error message pop up, but I then tired the Sony DV camera on an iMac with FCP Studio 2 (FCP 6) installed and it still did the same thing - and this was just DV.

So is there a solution to this? I was about to purchase this software but once I got my aGent V5 and set iStopmotion to Large Widescreen HD, I started receiving the same message.

Have you set the aGend to any special mode? It is listed on the website that the “YUY2”-Format is not supported on Macs:
Will it work with other Mac applications? Is the driver installed?
iStopMotion is listed as compatible so they must have tested it, but we don’t have such a cam for testing here…

I’ve used the Agent camera successfully with no problems, until now. I also get this error message. I’ve had enough with istopmotion, first my nikon problems, then this. I’m outta here!

Have you read my post above? You also did not respond in the other thread about your Nikon issue anymore, did it work then? We can only help you when we get information. “It doesn’t work” is not so helpful to find a solution to be honest.

We’re here to help and would love to be able to - if you let us help you.

Hi, I have been getting the same message when i try to use my SONY HVR-A1U. I’d like to know how you get around this. I love the software but if I can’t use this camera I’m going to switch to something else. Thanks.

You’ll need the Apple HDV codec, that normally comes with Final Cut Pro or Logic Studio. Otherwise you need to switch the camera to DV mode.

I also get the same message using the built-in camera of my MacBookPro…The strange thing is that it works for some frames, it records, it renders the sequence, and then suddenly the terrifying message is popping up and everything stops…Any clue?

Hi - I’ve just hit this same error message, which I think is a broader error than just an HD one:

I ran your software in demo mode on a MBP with an external iSight connected to a Firewire 400 socket. Having bought the software I’m running it on my newer MBP with the same iSight, but connected (via an adapter) to a Firewire 800 socket. Both MBPs run the same version of OSX Lion.

I get the codec error in the new config, but not the old. I believe that the problem is not related to your software (e.g. it might be the adapter), but wanted to share the fact that this error might appear for other users without being related to HD vs non-HD (as the external iSight is 640x480 single res).

I love the software, now I just need to get it working on my newer machine :slight_smile:

Best wishes


I have the same problem, i tried to fix it with downloading Final Cut Pro Trial but that didn’t help. What should i do to fix this problem? Need I to buy FCP or do something else?

Also before I upgraded my software from 10.8.3 to 10.8.4 my Istopmotion was working and after that it stopped. I think that there was codec on ISM so after update Apple just deleted that codec, now this codec is in FCP and logic studio.

@Nikus: Since this thread is very old and contains lot of different problems, my I ask you to describe your problem again? (What software are you using, what camera, how is it connected to your computer, what error message do you get?) Thanks!

I am using macbook pro 10.8.4, istopmotion 2.8.4, camcorder HDR-FX1000, i connect it with fire wire= ilink. Istopmotion worked a long time and now it doesn’t. 3 months ago i upgraded my computer from version 10.8.3 to 10.8.4. before i updated it, everything worked well but after update istopmotion stoped working. error message is: unable to decompress camera’s image format because suitable codec is missing. Also it says that this codec is included in Final cut studio pro and logic studio. The question is, how can i fix it?

@Nikus: Please can you check in your camera which output resolution it is currently using? Please select NTSC (or PAL) resolution, This should work out of the box.

Thank you for reply! Everything is working now! After i used Pal and NTSC, other like medium started working too! :slight_smile: