Closed Captioning

Is there a plan to add a CC layer?

Hello Steven,

currently there are no plans to add a “Closed Captioning” feature. Do you think of having the captions really “closed” (can be switched on/off by the viewer) or do you need it to be burned in the video image itself? I am asking because to implement the closed captions in the video meta-data has to be coded into BoinxTV itself, while bringing in the captions by a layer as a graphical overlay could be done by creating a new layer by yourself with QuartzComposer (a development tool by Apple which we are using to create the layers).

I was thinking it would be burned into the image it self…upon further investigation, perhaps cc is added to the video stream on either side of BTV using a dedicated CC encoder. Thank you for the response.

I realize this post is nearly four years old. However, it just came up with a student in our school who is deaf. Is there a way to caption our broadcasts simply? Is that a plan to have it as a feature in the future?


@burlesot‌ Sorry, there is still no plan for adding such a feature to BoinxTV natively. How would you like to add the live caption to your setup?

It was brought up as a response to a deaf student in our school. Not sure how to add it, but would be interested in the feature.