Church Set-up

I am in charge of our church video system and our current system went down and we are looking at upgrading. I have seen the BoinxTV advertised and have some questions. We have cables run to our cameras that are S-Video and we run ProPresenter from an iMac. What are your suggestions on what we need to start using Boinx? Thanks

what’s the tech specs on the iMac? how are you inputting video now to the system? how many cameras are you using? what other gear is being utilized? please be as detailed as possible. thanks.

We are planning on getting a new iMac to run the system. We have 2 cameras and they are using S-video into our system. We were using a video toaster system. The iMac specs for the pro-presenter system are 21inch, 2ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 gb 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM.

what are the model cameras you are using? I am too in a church setup and can let compare it to ours, we currently have use an imac 27" mid 2011

2 thunderbolt to firewire adapaters
Cameras connect via the thunderbolt adapaters & firewire 4pin to 8pin(FW800) cables

we currently use an Alesis 4 channel mixer connected via USB for our audio input from our live sound board

and boinxTV current version

Oh and the limitation of of only 1 camera per firewire bus does not apply to thunderbolt, we currently are using both thunderbolt ports on the imac with those adapaters and finally no issues.