Chron Tasks in mimoLive

I’m about to do a 2-day online webinar on Zoom, with mimoLive driving an ATEM mini.

Our schedule is going to be rigid, with different presenters and topics at fixed scheduled times. The topic schedule will be published and distributed to attendees in advance.

We’re expecting 200+ attendees, so keeping everyone oriented with minimum fuss is essential.


It would be huge if mimoLive LayerSets supported a chron function, in order to automatically queue a lower third, for instance. What I want is, say consistently 5 minutes before each session begins, is to bring up a lower third, even as the previous live session is concluding:

Begins in insert Count Down timer (text showing minutes and seconds)
I’ll probably include a little headshot of the next presenter that matches the published schedule – thus the need to automate timed triggering of entire Layer Sets.

Goal being, people who don’t sit through my entire 2 day long webinar can plan ahead which sessions they want to catch, tune in to Zoom while the previous session is winding down or in Q&A, and immediately be oriented that they are in the right place at the right time for content that is about to begin.

Sure, I could queue Layer Sets manually, but I know that on the day of the webinar, I will need to be doing 8 things all at once, I might not even be at the control desk – there will be wireless mics and rechargeable batteries, lost Keynote clickers, and every other thing in the world going wrong, and I am the only technical person behind this entire production.

It would be even cooler if a timer on a Layer Set layer could also trigger events on the ATEM Controller layer. Plus call the next Layer Set to activate. Because we will be presenting from multiple areas. Such a chron task could literally switch from one studio stage (room) to another, and key graphics at the appointed time to show details like the session title and presenter’s name.

You may be able to script this kind of automation with Apple Script. mimoLive can’t be scripted by Apple Script directly but it has a rich HTTP-API. On this page you can find a short guid on how to trigger layers in mimoLive from an Apple Script:

Will this work for you?