Chromakey Recorded Video

I have been trying to setup a show solo (nobody assisting me with triggers). What I would like to do is record myself talking with a green screen in the background and then use it as recorded video, not live, but with the chromakey substitution working. It’s just too much to work the triggers, narrate, and start and stop the recording while looking directly into the camera.

Is this possible with BoinxTV?

Totally. I’d recommend recording yourself in front of the greenscreen using QuickTime Player or simply onto the camera. Then transcode the file into an Apple Intermediate QuickTime movie and chroma key it just the way you would with a camera.

Got it. Yep, I see that this will work - should have been obvious. Just tested it and it is exactly what I need. This is a big help and far superior to my previous method of having to place photos into an iMovie project. Now, I narrate, collect the photo’s and turn them on an off as I watch the narration go by. Should reduce my production time considerably.



Cool. If you have any results you can share, don’t forget to do so :wink: