Chroma key with new version of boinx tv

I have been using boinxtvmfor two years to record our elementary school news program. I love the program. I am having problems with the new version. When I use chroma key and try to adjust the hue, saturation, etc. there is no longer one large red area to the adjustments at the beginning and end of the red area just like on the demo video. Now I have 6 or 7 thin red lines of equal width. I don’t know where to place the adjustments because there is no longer just on large red area. Thanks for the help.

Please can you post a screenshot of the chromakey settings so that I can see what it look like?

I have been experiencing the same problem. I will do my best to take a screenshot tomorrow.

Below is the problem that I have been experiencing:


@zombfan: What kind of video source are you using? How is it connected to your computer?

I am using a Sony DCR HandyCam (Budget is tight). It gets the job done and hasn’t had any problem with Chroma Key until the new update. It used to be a solid red line, now, as you can see, it is multiple red lines. Nothing on my MAC end has changed since the update.

I am almost 90% certain this is the exact camera we use:

It is connected to the computer VIA Firewire Hub. I utilize two cameras in our morning news feed.

@zombfan: What MacOS-X system version you are on and which graphics card do you use? (You can find this information in the System Information app of MacOS-X)

MAC OS X = Version 10.6.8 (I sent you a private message about not being able to upgrade). Graphics Card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 the total VRAM for the card says 256MB (I am assuming this is why I encounter a ton of problems if I overlay too many graphics). Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again!

256MB video ram is not enough! You have to upgrade your video card! To support GPU usage, you should have at least 1024MB of RAM on your video card!!! For video comps, the recommended minimum RAM on these days are 2GB.

I realized the importance of the video card when I try to overlay two chroma key effect.

However, upgrading the MAC is out of the price range :frowning:

Using BoinxTV Version 1.9