Chroma key and image adjustment possible in one filter setting?

Sometimes you need to do some color correction before applying the chroma key. Is it possible to apply both effects to one source?

Currently chaining filters for video sources isn’t supported in BoinxTV 1.8.

Is there a reason why you need to correct the color before applying the chroma key? If you can do it the other way, you may be able to add the color correction by yourself in the layer you are using for display. You have to use QuartzComposer by Apple to customize the layers in BoinxTV. If you are interested in this option I can put together a short description how to do it. Or you can hire us to do it for you. Find out more about customizing of BoinxTV in the “Customizing BoinxTV” section here:

Thanks for the answer. From my point of view, you get better results by doing some color correction before keying. This is also the way I´m doing it in the post pro. Can you please explain your proposal more detailed “If you can do it the other way”… And yes I´m very interested in this option.


If you only change the colors of the video source to get a better chroma key, that is not what you should do. The chromakeyer should be set up that way to fit to your video source data. Otherwise you will loose image quality. (My thinking was that you would like to have corrected colors anyways. Thats why I was asking about changing the order of the filters) I guess we should concentrate on setting up the chromakeyer correctly. Can you post a still image from your video source, so I can have a look at it and suggest a setting?

Ok… here some details, I´m working with different green screen sources from Asia and also the USA. So there is not everything live. I have to match the sources in terms of brightness and contrast maybe to have a professional look. In the attached files you can see the original and the keyed frame. The presenter is still to dark. So I want to increase maybe the exposure or the brightness in combination with the contrast after or before applying the key.

I agree with OP, this is a feature we could really do with. Amazing that it doesn’t already.