Choppy audio

One good afternoon, for a couple of versions I have experienced a problem with the audio, I have connected an audio console with 4 microphones and they enter the iMac. The problem occurs in certain cases as it begins to cut and as it progresses becomes annoying and incomprehensible. I thought it was my computer problems, but I already discarded that option, then I assumed that they were console problems and likewise discarded these and other options that have happened. Attached link videos so you can better appreciate the problem.

15:30 and more 17:15

In this example I used the latest version 4.3.1 and to solve the problem live I have to reboot the audio console several times until the normal audio returns again and stays momentarily or permanently. As I indicated it is ruled out that they are problems of the computer or console since to test I have carried out the test in another computer with different equipment and unfortunately the problem occurred again.


@“Victor Peralta Quito” Thank you for using mimoLive. I’m sorry to hear that you experience a problem.

We think this could be related to a mismatch of the Sample Rates between your audio device and the mimoLive document. Could you please try to set both to the same value?

This will be adressed in the next release of mimoLive.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” hello, thanks for the answer. I am not very familiar with the matter and therefore I would like to ask me to provide some reference link in order to define the sampling rate and general configuration of mimoLive.

Best regards.

@“Victor Peralta Quito” Can you please let me know what audio device you use to get sound into your Mac?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” The audio enters from a Canopus ADVC 110 device to which I have connected the audio and video coming from an audio console and video capture respectively:

The previous two are connected to the Canopus ADVC 110 which mediates a Firewire cable enters the iMac:

@“Victor Peralta Quito” Thank you for sending the details.

You can check and set the sampling rate of the audio device by setting up an audio source, selecting the device and clicking on the wheel next to the popup menu:

The sample rate of the audio of the mimoLive document is set by clicking on the show settings icon in the window bar:

Listening to the recording again with the knowledge of what audio console you’re using, I think you might be experiencing radio interference between your microphone and the receiver, or the connector of the microphone with the transmitter doesn’t have proper contact and the audio gets disrupted when your hosts move around.

Can you also try mimoLive 4.4b2 to see if the problem is still there?

Hello, thank you for your help, I will try these recommendations and any news I will be commenting again.
Additional I would like to know what equipment you recommend to be able to make a transmission using two cameras; Of course my question is aimed at the use of equipment of a not so high cost since most of the components are for a use of productions much more elaborated and what I require is something quite basic and economic above all.


Same here in 4.3.1
I have BMD Ultrastudio 4K and Mac OS 10.13.
Audio works fine at start but after a while its crackin up and finally stops completely. I could start it again by selecting no audio and then back againn to the decklink but after a while its the same allover. I’ve been running this setup many times before but this is the first time this happens.

@“Janne Olsson” Hi. I have managed to solve the problem by directly connecting the audio console to the iMac via USB.

@“Victor Peralta Quito”. I have another similar setup with a Macbook Pro 10.13.5 and an Allen & Heat USB audio mixer and that works fine too in 4.3.1. I updated my MacPro from 10.13 to 10.13.6 but still no luck with the Ultrastudio, audio begins fine but starts cracking up after 8-10 minutes. mimolive 4.3 works on the MacPro with the ultrastudio with just a few minor glitches, 4.2 works with this setup. Next up is to try the USB-mixer on the MacPro…

@“Janne Olsson” It is the most advisable as I could go testing since when I sent the audio through the audio and video mixer gave that problem and compromised both signals why I now use separately and so far without these difficulties.

I’m having the same problem as @Jane Olsson. BMD Ultrastudio 4K. Has worked fine for over a year, now the audio begins to ‘crack up’ after several minutes until it’s totally unusable. Never had the issue before Sept. 16. I’ve updated Mimo and all of the BMD drivers/software. Still no joy.

Well, USB-audio seems to be working. Just tested with Behringer X32 (X-USB) and BMD mini recorder for video and it still looks good after about 30 minutes…

@“Janne Olsson” @“Victor Peralta Quito” This is fixed in mimoLive 4.4. Please download that version and let us know if it works for you.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” Ok thank you, I will comment if I have the problem. Greetings.