Chapter's name

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum, as I’m new to Fotomagico.
Who could tell me how to avoid that the name of each chapter I’ve created is burn into the video during the export.
What I need is a film without any text, subtile, and so pn.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dominique, FotoMagico doesn’t render the Chapter name as text into the exported Video. Can you please show me where FotoMagico does that and maybe the steps you took to get that result?

Hi Bastian,

Thanks for your swift reaction!
Actually, I’ve found a partial answer : it depends on the player I use.
The first time I’ve played my video, I used an app called Wondershare player. This one displays the names of the video’s chapters (see screenshot 1).
But now, if I use Quicktime player, the names don’t appear (screenshot 2).
Now, the steps that I followed.

  1. Building my slideshow.
  2. Including some chapters
  3. Sharing (personalized video, H264 compression, format mov).