Changing the output type

In the Getting Started introduction it indicated that it is possible to reset the type of player on which the Fotomagico show would be seen. I made a slideshow for my Mac Laptop and tried to show it on a Canon digital projector. The time line view was what the viewers watched. I wanted to set it to full screen display but once the standalone player began I could not reset the type of media to a digital projector.

How do I change the type of media the show is seen on?

Usually FotoMagico is asking which screen you want to use for playback if it detects more than one displays. Like in the attached screenshots the red boundary tells you which screen will be used. You can change it to the screen you want by clicking on it in the blue area. To arrange your multiple display setup please use the Mac OS-X System Preferences “Displays”. Do you get those dialog windows?