Changing Background Image

Hi everybody,
I am a new user so please forgive me if this discussion was or is still open but I checked and didn’t find anything about it.
What I’m asking and actually what I was looking for, is about how to change the background images so to save some extra time during the final editing.
Does anybody did it and how cause I would like to use some background images I made to make 'em match to the shots I will take.
Thanks in advance!!!

We use green screen and I am having trouble adding my own background images, however I am able to use the ones provided from Boinx iStopMotion. I see their backgrounds as I am taking photos, but when I save the movie when exiting out of iStopMotion I do not see them again. I do know you have to have your background set before you start taking photos otherwise you will have photos without the background and photos with the background. I really would love to get this resolved as I teach stop motion animation and we need this to work and soon!


I was having a similar problem with the foregrounds.

What I did as a workaround was to find the foregrounds folder.

If you right click on the app in your applications folder and choses show contents. Inside this you will see the foreground and background objects folders.

Hope this is helpful!