capturing an image failed because the operation timed out

I have a Canon 550D and a Canon 450D. My question is as follows: Sometimes they work perfectly but sometimes, actually most of the time the programs tells me that “capturing an image failed because the operation timed out”. specially if I have a few minutes break and want to start to work again. Why is that? it´s really disturbing. Please Help!!!

Hi Caroline, we’ve had this a couple of times using a 550D. The reason is either the camera going to sleep (in which case change the settings on your 550D for auto power off), or - more likely - because you are shooting in RAW or large JPEG and the data transfer rate to your computer isn’t quick enough using the USB cable. In which case, change the file size of the images you’re capturing to Medium or Small.

The one issue we haven’t been able to find a solution to, other than the manual option described below, is long exposures of +2 seconds. Here the conversation between ISM and the camera times out and you get the error message you’ve highlighted. It’d be great if this were fixed in a later version of ISM as long exposures are quite useful. The workaround we have for that is to shoot onto the camera card and manually import the images into ISM.

Hope helpful.


Same problem with Canon Eos 60d. No use of ISM to shoot astro time lapse :frowning:
Pls resolve the issue asap. Thx!

Thank you! It worked using manual mode, it timed out a couple of times but it worked better, interesting with the size of picture, I also think that (and its a bit strange) the light in the room is of importance even when using the built in flash on the camera. Anyway thanks for the help :slight_smile: