"Capture" still works during playback?


I’m finding it a little problematic that the “capture” action isn’t disabled while a movie is being played. The menu item is grayed out, but you can still take a picture using the key command or AppleScript (which I now know how to implement, thanks Achim!).

If you do take a picture duing playback, it inserts the picture at the current playhead location in the timeline – i.e., somewhere in the middle of what you’ve already made. Then, playback stops one frame before the end of the movie.

The reason I’m worried about this is that I’m going to be using iStopMotion with kids in a museum, and they are notorious for banging away at buttons at the ‘wrong’ time. :slight_smile: So this seems like a bug. Is there any way to change this behavior in the current version, or is it likely to be changed in a future version?


This is a bug and we are going to fix it. Sorry for this!

Ah, OK. Thanks.