capture problem

Hi istop motion said I had to upgrade something so I have - now won’t capture from Canon 5D (which the other day it did fine). can anyone help asap as have a workshop tomorrow!

gone back to v3.5 but still no joy - it says “inserting image into movie failed” - any advice?

That is somewhat good, because that means iStopMotion isn’t generally broken here. A couple of things:
a) Is your camera set to RAW, if so, please switch it to JPEG instead.
b) Where is the movie clip located that you are creating with iStopMotion? External drive, second partition? If so please try creating a movie in the Desktop for instance just to make sure it’s not a permissions issue.
c) If both o the above don’t help, please open /Applications/Utilities/, click “clear display” and then retry capturing in iStopMotion. Afterwards, please save the logs in and post them here or send them to mentioning this thread if you don’t want to share them here.

thanks Bastian for your response - its been a nightmare. I have done the above but no joy. as soon as I open is top motion it recognises the camera (5d) and then there are 2 red buttons - this is new as I have never seen them before these last couple of days. Eventually after pressing buttons it sort of works but isn’t right. At the moment it won’t let me capture so can’t do the last thing you mentioned. It just says “could not connect to digital still camera. The operation times out”
Whats the procedure with these new buttons as I don’t understand what they are doing. thanks

Hi again - now the red capture button is evident - when you press it a bar appears and says ‘cancelling’ then the red button/play button is faded and you can’t use it any more…

I have sent you an email re: the log