capture audio from a virtual machine?

long story short: how can I pipe audio in from a vm into boinxtv running on the same mac? thx!

I’d try Wiretap Anywhere for that but in general: I’d really not run a VM on the same Machine while you run BoinxTV.

@Bastian: I was thinking that too but I tried it over the weekend & seemed to work ok. these new i7 machines have TONS of power, especially when paired with lots of memory (RAM & VRAM).

Also, I discovered that I can use Soundflower to do this. with that installed, it can be selected in Parallels as an audio output device. Set an audio layer to input soundflower (I’m using the 2 ch option) & works great. I noticed that Parallels 6 has greatly reduced the popping/clipping of the audio from the vm.

Great hint on using Soundflower! Thanks.