Capture and export settings for BoinxTV to DVD

I’ve got a MacBook Pro. Planning to use a 60GB SSD, attached via eSata using expresscard 34 slot. Also using firewire 400 slot for camcorder, one USB bus for Logitech web cam, and (sometimes) the other USB bus using an Epiphan screen grabber, to capture powerpoint slides. This is for recording educational presentations. I’ll be releasing these on DVD’s. What’s the best codec/settings to record with, and what’s the best codec/settings for exporting for the DVD? Thank you so much.

Just stick with the Apple Intermediate Code preset. You’ll need to recompress for DVD afterwards anyway. Let the DVD authoring app decide the final codec.

Thank you Bastian. Is there any advantage at all to using a larger capacity drive and capturing to uncompressed 8 bit?

I’d say no. As DVD gets rather heavily compressed anyway. I have to admit, I never made actual tests with this.