Can't get slideshow to "pan & zoom" even though "author" setting in Prefrances is set to allow?

I am running the latest version 4.3 of Fotomagico 4. I am building an uncomplicated slideshow with title slide and photo images. The application seems to be stuck in a mode that will not allow “pan and zoom” animation. I have made the correct choice in preferences author and even tried rebuilding the slideshow from scratch and nothing works. Help anyone?

Did you switch on the “Animation” option for those slides? To do so follow those steps:

  • Open your slideshow
  • click “Select all” from the “Edit” menu, this will select all your slides in the timeline/storyboard and mark them blue
  • open the “Options” panel on the right side
  • go into the “Slide” section on the top
  • check the “Animation: Enabled” option

The editor now will show a split screen: on the left side the “Start” positions and on the right side the “Finish” position.

The “Animation: Enabled” option is persistent: When you drag in new images this option is set to the state the last time you used it.