Cant get any audio signal on Audio Monitor (Program Outputs)

Even if I get the signal in Audio source, I cant get the same signal in the Program Outputs Audio Monitor, why?
I choose the same source and channels i Program Outputs as in Sources, but no signal in Output.

Ensure your audio source is Live in the layer stack. Add a new audio layer if needed and make it live.

Thanks for answer! :slight_smile:
Ok, but why I have the option to choose device at outputs then?

The problem you have is that the placer (in the picture of the original post) takes it’s source from “Main Camera”, which is your Trust webcam. If you see the audio device in the camera source, you see it says “No Audio Device”. You can either click the drop down and select your Universal Audio TB interface, or create an audio source just like you did, but then you have to create a layer for that as well.

Your audio monitor is set to listen to the “Program Mix”, and since it did not have anything come through, it did not receive anything. You can also create a custom mix here if you’re interested in that.

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Because the output you have defined is an audio monitor. It is designed so that you can route a custom mix to a local audio playback - in this case your HDMI monitor.

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Thanks a lot, thats what I had a feeling about as well :slight_smile: