Cant download photos !

I just used your app for a party with 100 guests, but it comes up with the same error when trying to download photos as all the other users are seeing in this forum… when are you going to respond to the forum messages or update the software?

my advise to potential customers is not to buy this software until its fixed.

@briank Thank you for using PhotoWall+ and I’m sorry to hear about the problems. PhotoWall+ uploads photos to your iCloud account, so you need to make sure that there is sufficient space available. If you disconnect the Apple TV before it has uploaded all the photos, the app will try to continue uploading the rest of the photos once you connect the Apple TV with a working internet connection, open the app and go into your PhotoWall.

I have 200 photos in the slideshow from wedding reception and about 30 uploaded. I have rebooted Apple TV and when it launches it briefly says syncing with iCloud but then nothing happens. It’s been sitting for 24 hrs, and tried both wifi and wired. Internet connection is good. Sw version 1.3. Originally I got an iCloud out of space error and have upgraded to 50gb space and 44gb free ,retried process several times. Need help

@briank There are a couple of things you can try:

  1. If you add a new photo to the PhotoWall, does it get uploaded?
  2. Log out of your iCloud account on the AppleTV and log in again. This could clear up caches telling PhotoWall+ that there isn’t enough space.

Let me know if that worked.

Hi. No it doesnt appear. In fact if I scroll down too quickly on the images the photowall app crashes back to the tvos dashboard. If I scroll slowly I can get to the bottom. I have also created a new photowall page (called test) and uploaded 1 photo to it. I can see the test page on****** but there is no content there yet, not even a “image not uploaded yet”. I have logged out of icloud on the appleTV and back in again.
Happy to do some further debugging with my account details if you want to direct msg. thanks.

@briank Thanks for the offer, we might come back to that. Before we do, however, can you please check one more thing: Clear the cache of your browser and log in again to the myphotowalls app.

If the PhotoWall+ app thinks it synched all the files they should be in iCloud.

Launched a clean new session in an incognito browser using Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 - but still no new pictures appearing.


Need update please.

@briank Engineering will get in touch via DM.