Can't download photos - "Image not uploaded yet"

When I try to download the pictures from the Boinx Connect portal via Chrome, most of the photos that were playing on the AppleTV say “Image not uploaded yet” and I’m not able to download them.

How do I get ALL the pictures from my iCloud to download to my computer?

Sorry for the trouble! Please can you restart your AppleTV and open up the PhotoWall+ app again? It will check for not yet uploaded pictures and try to upload them again. Please wait before you close PhotoWall+ again, because depending on your internet connection this will take some time.

Hello, I tried your suggestion and it still didn’t work. Even after restarting the AppleTV and letting Photowall+ run for over an hour, and we have a fast internet connection. Over half of the photos on the AppleTV still say “Image Not Uploaded Yet”, with no new ones appearing since the party.
Any other suggestions?

Are you using the latest version of PhotoWall+? We did an update some time ago addressing this issue. If it still there we need to look into it again.

Yes I’m using the latest version. Is there any way to access the photos stored on the AppleTV so that I can copy them to my computer?

I have exact the same Problem. I have the latest Version and when i try to download my photos it says “Image not uploaded yet”.
And when i try to start the Photowall with the Problem the AppleTV app crash.