Can't Copy Frames and can't Edit Individual Images

Hi! We recently made a movie in istopmotion3. Everything was fine until we tried to edit individual frames to Seahorse. They keep appear as blank PNGs. We tried looking at them in Preview and in a layout program, all blank…any suggestions? We tried dragging the frames, opening them by right clicking and choosing the editing software, copying them to the desktop, but all blank.

Then, we wanted to copy a couple of frames and now they are blank too! What’s going on? This is incredibly frustrating.

I’m sorry to hear that you lost some of your work! Please make a backup file from your project, because it might be corrupted and you can’t work on it anymore. If you do testing, please do so only on a copy of the project.

Which MacOS version are you running? Which Computer are you on? What version of iStopMotion are your running?