Can't change the size of the frame

Just downloaded the iStopMotion software (version 2.8.4, since i have OS 10.6.8). I can only choose the option small at preset, the width of the frames can be only 320 px or smaller, it seems…
Is this because I have an old version of iStopMotion? Or am i doing something wrong? How can I fix this?
Cause 320 px is quite small :frowning:

Problem fixed. I updated my OSX and installed iSM3.

This looks like that you didn’t put in a valid license. If iStopMotion is unlicensed it only let you choose 320x240 pixels as maximum video dimensions.

I bought istopmotion 3 but it still won;t let me change it from 320px - what do you think might be the problem?