Canon Vixia HF11 into BoinxTV on 2011 iMac Core i7

Hi, I have a Canon Vixia HF11 and I would like to use it with BoinxTV running on my spankin’ new 2011 iMac Core i7 - the question is, what interface to use? The camera has HDMI out, so I would like to just run an HDMI cable into a HDMI->MiniDisplayPort adapter (e.g. Kanex iAdapt MDPHDMIV2 HDMI V2) - but will this work? Will BoinxTV recognize the camera and be able to record from it? If not, what other hardware would I need? Thanks for any help!

This will not work, these adapters are only for output so it only works the other way around. You’d need a HDMI capture device that supports Thunderbolt. Like the BlackMagic Ultra Studio 3D.

Yeah I see that. Do you know if the updated Kanex XD which is supposedly coming out soon will work? It looks to me like it says it’s supposed to: - if you can display the HDMI output from your PS3 onto the screen of your new iMac via HDMI, is it safe to assume that the updated Kanex XD will allow BoinxTV to capture the Canon Vixia video?

Also I found this:

The BlackMagic Intensity Extreme for $299 looks like just the ticket - but not available until Q4 2011.

Kanex XD: No, this won’t work either. The technical implementation of “target display mode” in those iMac-Models are based on switching the screen from computer to the other device by hardware. The video signal don’t touches the CPU of the computer at all.

BlackMagic: We have good experiences with hardware by BlackMagic, so it has a good chance to work with BoinxTV.

I have the BlackMagic Ultra Studio 3D, and it works fine in 1080i, although my performance is getting hammered when turning on the camera.