Canon T3i

Hi, I just purchased a Canon T3i and have noticed that live previewing has been omitted for this camera due to the “fact” that the device is incapable of doing so. This is curious as the EOS utility software provided by Canon is actually capable of feeding a live preview to the mac. I really like iStopmotion’s features and hope the developers will look into how to add better support for this camera.

We didn’t omit it because it is incapable, but because we had no chance to hand test it ourselves. To properly support live view, we need a day to test it in depth. Since we cant buy every camera on the market this takes a little longer. But like this we can assure best support.

Please make it supported.

@"Bastian (Boinx)"‌ That’s what beta testers are for. I’m sure you have some dedicated users with a t3i (like me for example) who would be more than happy to test it out for you.