Canon t2i Connectivity Issues

So I realize there have been topics on this before, but evens so, my problems haven’t been solved. I recently got the t2i specifically for iStopMotion because I knew the t3i would not work with it, yet I’m not quite sure the t2i works very well with it anyways. I really don’t want to have to upgrade to something like dragonframe, so hopefully you guys can help me out. Here are my problems:

When I open a new project in ISM, my t2i usually doesn’t load the first time, and I have to load it a second time in order for any live feedback to show. Next, when I try to take a picture, it almost freezes up the entire app for over 10 seconds, and most of the time, the picture is never taken and I get an error message or something. I have tried taking out the SD Card, setting my image quality to jpeg, still no good results. I am very frustrated right now, as the t2i is listed as a “supported camera” yet it does not perform remotely well. Any help would be appreciated, maybe there’s something I’m doing very wrong, but I just need to know the best setup for a t2i and istopmotion without any inconsistency.



I would really appreciate if some help could be given, this topic has been here for quite awhile, yet I’ve seen no response.