Canon EOS 350D

Thank you guys for a great app.
I have used it with my iSight camera and it works perfect.

Before I updated OS to 10.6.8 it worked with my Canon (with firmware 1.0.3 - latest from Canon)
I read in an earlier post that this update to the OS may have disrupted the ability of the camera to take pictures and that the older firmware does not work properly.

I have the latest app (2.8) and all I get is this message after iSM E tries to capture a frame:
“Capturing an image failed because the operation times out. Please check your device and it’s connection to your Mac. If this doesn’t help, try with a different one.”

I also read that you are trying to get the 10.6.8 OS troubles sorted.
So I will wait for an update soon, so I can use iSM E again.

Thank you
And keep up the good work

Best Regards
Lars Andrè

Yes indeed there might be troubles, we are investigating this at the moment and will our best to release more information and of course a solution as soon as we can.

Thank you for the feedback

After further investigation we can indeed confirm that Mac OS X v.10.6.8 once again massively changed how apps can communicate with still cameras. We are working on trying to find a solution for all versions from 10.5.8 to 10.7, which is a major headache, and will inform you on the forum and the beta pages as soon as we have something working. Sorry for the delay!

Just to make sure: if any of you out there are still holding on to Mac OS X v.10.6.7, this version works fine with iStopMotion 2.8. Please stay on 10.6.7 until we have found a solution.

Thank you for all your work and for the feedback.

While not a final solution, we have managed to get still camera support working again for 10.6.8 and OS X Lion. Right now there are 2 caveats:

  1. make sure your memory card is initially empty
  2. set your camera to shot only RAW or JPG but not both.
    Get details and software here:

Feel free to report your findings!


Thank you

EOS400D now seems to be working on Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

Did have an oddity - pulled the plug and my entire system (Image Capture/ Aperture) was convinced the camera was still attached - had to restart. So make sure you power off the camera before unplugging (from the file marked “Duh!”).

Thanks for letting us know!