Canon EOS 1000D problem with iStopMotion

I just bought Canon 1000D to work with purchased version of iStopMotion Home version 2.7, and it didn’t work, then I saw on forum here some discussions and tips about beta version, I got and replaced beta 2.8 instead of licensed 2.7, which I do not know if I can use my license still for new version or not, But still it didn’t work for me as for many others. strange that it passes the test but does’t work.
Do you have any solution? please explain to me a newbie so that I do not know what is PTP and those things that do not have any information neither on camera nor on iStopMotion, how to set JPG recording mode and so on.

As I can see it doesn’t work at all for me.

Please make sure that the newest firmware is installed on the Camera, we found that some older firmwares cause trouble for a unknown reason. If you just updated to OS X 10.6.8 then this is the issue. Apple changed a few of the camera communication routines. We are currently working on a fix for that.