Canon Cameras, MacOS Lion and ISM: saving previews on the mac

I have got the following Canon cameras: EOS 350D, EOS 550D and Powershot G10. I run Lion 10.7.2; ISM2 home is 2.8.4.
All cameras are recognized by ISM. In all cases, I can generate a preview on the screen (left red button). However, I’m unable to insert the picture into the movie (right red button). I get an error message saying “Einfügen von Bildern fehlgeschlagen” (“Inserting of picture failed”).
Any idea what I can do?

I have reduced resolution at the camera, but no success either.

My son is pretty frustrated - and so am I. I hope someone can help.

I’ve got the same problem though i shot allready 30 seconds of my clip, does someone have a solution?