Canon 7D and ISM 3.0.1

Since upgrading to ISM 3.0.1, the software will not fire the Canon 7d. I get an error message saying that the operation has timed out. Obviously, something going on with connectivity to camera, also had the window shown below come up. I removed the listed files and still get the same result. Any ideas?

And yes, the 7d camera shows up in the source menu!

We didn’t change the way we are capturing images from 3.0 to 3.0.1 that’s why I think it must be another cause. Also those componets doesn’t play a role when it comes to trigger the capture button. Does you camera react in any way on your capture command? Is it able to focus? Shooting in high resolution also may cause the time out error because t can take quite some time to transfer the image to the computer.

Hi, I am a first time user of iStopmotion for Mac, I was using it with Canon EOS 7D, connected via USB. It was working for around 24 frames, but consistently encounters a timeout thereafter. Although after researching, the Boinx site says the iStopmotion software is compatible with the camera, I’m unsure why this is happening. Can someone help? Thanks very much.

@bananabelts: Can you setup your camera to shoot in a lower resolution so that the files aren’t as big as usual? This can help to prevent a timeout when downloading the image files from the camera.