Canon 5D Mark III no live view with 3.7 HELP!

Well if only I spent my 49 bucks wisely and contributed it to buying Dragonframe…

I’m currently studying Stop Motion Animation. I need this software to work urgently as I’ve been fiddling around with it for 2 weeks and have lost enough time. I really need this onion skin feature to work with my iStopMotion 3.7 and Canon EOS 5D MKIII but I’ve tried everything under the sun and it doesn’t. I have tried capturing pictures with my “Still Camera” (that’s how iStopMotion software calls it…) then importing it but it’s not good enough, I have wasted enough time using it this way. It’s not precise and useless as I’m studying a masters degree.

My final deadlines are coming up and I need a miracle. HELP.

-Pissed off student.

I have had the same problem with my Nikon d5200. It would not provide the live view, therefore not enabling the onion skin feature. After some investigating, I found a solution! While holding down the alt key, select the istopmotion menu with the program open. Select debug preferences. Once you are in this, go to debug, and enable the two options you have. Thankfully, I could then get a live view of my camera . Hope this helps!

Thats exactly what i did with my D5200