Canon 550d and Istopmotion 2 express?

Hello. I found out recently that Istopmotion had now updated so that it could work with Canon 550d and 650d. However, I’ve updated my software and it still doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?

Because iStopMotion is using functions of MacOS-X to talk to the cameras it is important to have the right MacOS-X version to get it to work (10.7.5 and later should be fine thought). Also, please make sure that your camera connection protocol is set to PTP mode. Please refer to the users manual of your camera on how to set this up.

also for canon 400D i have 10.58

ma se collego la macchina con un cavo firewire, posso risolvere il problema?

@lidia: The Canon 400D don’t have a firewire port. It only provides a connection via USB. However Apple did a mistake and messed up the connection to Canon cameras in your MacOS 10.5.8 so that you will need to update your MacOS at least to 10.7.5 in order to get it to work.