Canon 350D problem making pictures via pc


I connected the 350D to the macbook pro for making animations. Do I have to make settings in the camera to make it work with iStopmotion? Till now I can’t operate the 350D with the software. I hope that someone can give me advice.

I can see that the software recognizes the 350D. But that’s it…


There is no live preview with DSLR cameras, you should be able to trigger the camera using the left capture button. That will create a preview image, if you like it, insert it into the timeline using the right capture button.

It worked!
The camera remains a mystery to me. Sometimes the camera will only communicate with the computer and in the display appears “bussy”. It seems that the sequence of steps of switching on are important.
Thanks for the quick response. I enjoy iStopMotion!


Hi there Ilze, we use a Canon 550D. Same issue, but camera - not software - related. Not sure if you’re on a Mac or PC, but you’re right - switch on sequence important. Start machine | connect camera | wait for any software to load (such as iPhoto) as a result, then close it! | start iStop motion | switch to camera.

The camera will show busy if any other software is accessing it besides ISM.



Hi Steven,
Thanks for the guide. I add it to the manual of iStopMotion. It worked very well!

Bye, Ilze