cannot share movie

I have an iStopmotion movie that I cannot share to my Photos app. It renders but does not show up in the Photos app. Other files have not problem exporting.
This is a student’s film so, quick help would be appreciated. This is the last day of class and they will be in tears if their movie is not viewable when they get home.

I do have plenty of space, 14 gig, available on the iPad.

Sorry for the trouble. We recently heard of other customers that are facing the same issue. Unfortunately we don’t know yet what it causes and how to solve it. Please can you try to do the following and report back if this helps?

  1. Open your iStopMotion project in question
  2. Long press the playback button on the left-hand side. It will then re-render the project for exporting.
  3. After the rendering will finish, please go back to the Gallery by pressing the “Gallery” button in the upper left corner.
  4. Try to save it once again by pressing the share button.

Hello I am also having the same issue, which is very frustrating, I have 3 iPads, 2 ipad airs and 1 iPad 4th gen, the 4th gen renders to the camera roll fine however the iPad airs render but the film doesn’t show in the camera roll. I’m having to export to iCloud then upload to each iPad again. I’m not sure if it’s since an update! I did what was suggested above but with no luck. Is there any chance of this issue being resolved soon?

Hello Achim,

I received your email reply about testing out the app for you in test flight, however test flight needs a code for me to do so.

Also why am I the one testing, surely you should just role out an update to fix this bug. Please reply soon, I rely on your app for work and if not resolved I will have to seek an alternative. This problem is very disappointing.

@Letsanimate It is not our praxis to release new software without thoroughly testing it. Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this issue and therefore it doesn’t make sense to release a bug fix which isn’t confirmed to really fix this bug. I invited your email to Test Flight so you can test it on your device. If the tests are positive we will release it immediately. Thanks for your understanding and support!

Hello Achim,

Unfortunately I am messaging as at the weekend whilst conducting an animation workshop IStopMotion for iPad version 3.2 stopped working again.

Yet again the app would not render to the camera role, this meant I could not export to iMovie to complete edit and recording of sound. I was not connected to the internet where I was working from so could not find a suitable resolve for rendering the footage from ISTOP, after numerous attempts I had to give up and wait until I returned home to an internet connection and render to ICloud.

I will be conducting an animation workshop very soon and it would be such a shame if I have to move to using another app as like I said before yours in one of my preferred and I always recommend it to participants.

I can not understand why this is happening the app was working perfectly the day before when tested at home, it seems to be since updating to the latest IOS, rendering to the camera role should be a simple task.


Dear support,
I am facing the same problem, cannot export movie to camera roll with iStopMotion for iPad latest version. Can the problem be related to the language settings of the iPad? My iPad is in Dutch.

@HansJ We still investigating the real cause. We found out that it seems to depends on the selected project frame size. Did you change this to 1080p? Since this settings will be used for new projects only this won’t help you to export current projects but may help for future project. Deeply sorry for the trouble!

Hi Achim
Tested the setting option: in 720p saving to camera roll works! In 1080p it is not working. Hope this will help solving the problem.

Hi Achim, tested also 1080p but now with format PNG. That works also!!
Only 1080p with jpeg do not work!
So there is a workaround for everyone :wink:

@HansJ The problem we were facing while testing 1080p was that at a certain amount of captured images the export stoped working. Can you confirm that you can still export movies with a higher count of images?

Hi Achim, done some tests. The amount of Frames do not seem to be the problem. I have made a new stop motion with 663 frames and 175MB size. This can still be exported to Camera roll. On the iPad I have the project that will NOT export to camera roll with 186 Frames and size 166MB. Both projects are made with JPEG and 1080P settings. There is a difference between the two projects: the one that export is made with the build in camera from the iPad, The one that do not export is made in combination with the iStopmotion remote app, on iPhone 5se (with a different camera resolution). Is this something we should take in account? Resolution of the pictures coming from remote?

Hi Achim, definitely found the problem! Made a new project (settings 1080P) with the combination iPad and remote app on my iPhone 5 se (as camera). Tested jpeg setting and PNG setting. But both can not be exported to camera roll!

Did an other project (setting 720P). with PNG the project works but with jpeg setting it will not export.

Hope this will help

So what do we do?
My son just made a Lego stop animation for school and I can’t export it for him to submit to his teacher.

Is there any headway on this?
Is there some sort of logs that we can be sending you? I will connect to my computer to try and see the iPad Console and see if there is anything I can see going on.

Is there a way to export the individual photos so that I can rebuild the animation on my Mac?

My son’s getting panicky, and frankly I understand because, I’m quite frustrated too.)


(By the way, this forum on the iPad is kinda annoying, it keeps jumping to the top of the thread every few seconds or so as I type this and then I have to scroll back down to see what I’m typing. It seems to be something with the expanding of the field as I type? No, maybe it is the auto draft saving code? Something is wonky. I can’t even submit this on the iPad, it keeps jumping to the top when I tap the button. I had to go onto my Mac to click Post Comment.)

@skippingrock We are deeply sorry about this situation. We would be happy if you can do the export and log the console output while that happening and send it to us.

To download an iStopMotion iPad project to the Mac (including the images) you need to do the following:

  1. Connect your iPad to your Mac
  2. Start iTunes on the Mac. You should see the iTunes window with your Music.
  3. Select your iPad in the upper left corner, below you should see the content of your device.
  4. Find the “Apps” icon in the left column and select it. This will bring up a panel on the right where you can configure the apps and the screens on your iPad.
  5. Scroll down and find the “File Sharing” section. Here you will find all apps that provides “documents” to be up or downloaded from the device.
  6. Select “iStopMotion” in the list and you will see all the projects of your iPad in the list on the right.
  7. Select the one you want to download and click “Save to…” at the bottom of the list

Now you should have the project on your Mac. Because we see that the same project exports fine on other devices it may be worth a try to upload the project to another iPad with iStopMotion installed and see if the export works here.

However, to access the images of the iStopMotion project file follow theses Steps:

  1. Find the downloaded iStopMotion project file in Finder on your Mac
  2. If its only a folder, step into it. If its a single file, you need to right-click on it to get a context menu for the file and choose “Show Package Content” menu item. You should see the internal folder Structure of the project file including the folders “Pictures”.
  3. Step into the “Pictures” folder and here you have the images.

Unfortunately those images have a Unique Identifier in there file name so sorting by filename don’t help. You need to sort the files by their creation date.

I hope this helps.

I do have the same problem. Is there already any solution how to transfer the video out of istopmotion?
I assume you are german, so if possible, I would appreciate a german answer (pn)
Thank you.