cannot move a layer independently anymore - FM latest 5.3 BUG?

In this version I cannot move a layer (geometry, title, …) with the mouse, although is the only one layer selected.
Only after locking the other layers I can move it independently.
This is a new bug.
And not the expected behavior (MANUAL:"drag the selected layer to move it to the desired position)


There are several options to move a selected layer:

Drag the selected layer to move it to the desired position.
Press the ⌘ and arrow keys to move by a single pixel.
Right-click on the layer and select Edit Geometry from the context menu, to enter the position values numerically.

Solved it restarting the Mac. Restarting FM was not enough to restore correct behavior, but I thought that I should try a restart (el capitan mac os). That helped

It happened again. I cannot restart the Mac each time. It must be some sort of bug. Any idea?