Cannot Access Internal Microphone

When I first chose Record Narration Assistant, I was given the choice to Allow connection to the Internal Microphone or Don’t Allow, I chose by accident, Don’t Allow and now I cannot access the internal microphone with the Fotomagico Application
When I try to reset to any of the sources in the Record Narration Assistant the following message appears depending on the choice selected “Cannot use Built-in Microphone or Audio Recorder or Sunflower”. I also went to the Macintosh Preference File for sound and set the input source as Internal Microphone and the output as internal speakers. I also have deleted and then reinstalled the FotoMagico program. How do I get the program to again recognize the internal Mac microphone?

Please read this support article by Apple on how to control access to the microphone on your Mac (this may depend on your macOS version):

Make sure to restart FotoMagico after you grant access to the microphone again.