Cannot access an External Editor

I want to use iPhoto or, preferably, Photoshop Elements as my image editor. When I go to fotomagico/preferences/general I see the “External editors” section: “” appears in the “for images” line. Clicking on either “” or the up/down arrows associated with “for images” produces a “Choose…” window with the following choices (top to bottom): “” (which has a checkmark), “Applications”, Macintosh HD" and “Quark” (the name of my iMac). When I click in ANY of these (with the expectation of navigating to my Applications folder) nothing happens: I am simply returned to the “General” panel with “” still set up as my external editor. What am I missing?

The Popup you are seeing shows a “Choose…” item at the very top. This isn’t the title of the window but the option to select a different one, than one from the list. Does this work for you?

That did it—thanks! (Embarrassed I didn’t figure it out myself —but maybe that interface isn’t as clear as it could be?)

So now that “Quicktime Player 7” is chosen, how does one access it to do the ‘editing’? Right-clicking a video in the browser does not bring up any editor, nor does an editor appear in the info sidebar on the right. How is the editor accessed?

Editing means a photo editor!