Cannon EOS 60D timing out for images

The 60D is timing out for every image frame. This is for the current version
3.5 and beta 3.6. We have tested this with two separate macs 10.8.5 and 10.9.2 - unfortunately with the same results.

We were careful to have everything on manual and have gone through every
conceivable permutation but have not recorded a single image. There are no problems taken images with the camera.

It would be interesting to know whether this has worked for anyone with a 60D

Please make sure you have set it to JPEG instead of RAW

We have the same problem with the Canon 700D.
We’re running on a MacPro and on iMac’s both OSX10.9.2 and istopmotion 3.62 beta.
When resetting the source and put the camera back off and on, the time out disappear.
But after capture 2 seconds of 25 frames the app become sluggish, also when we play the clip there are many drop frames.
It looks like the cache is full.
And of course we use JPEG and all our camera settings are right.

I have the same problem with my canon 700D. And I also use jpeg and all the settings that been described. Is there any solution to this?

I have the same problem with my Canon 7D… I tried to change every single setting, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

EOS 60D, all camera settings as recommended, EOS Utility has never been installed, Image Capture has never been set to open anything. MBP 10.8.5. and on an iMac 10.9.3.

Live view works fine, shutter operates, but “could not connect to digital still camera , the operation timed out”… disaster! I’ll have to go back to older version if I can find it…

At least dear Boinx give us some news here please!

I have the exact same problem as described by Radiomarko. And have the same comment:
At least dear Boinx give us some news here please!!!

I would like to buy a Canon EOS 7D Mark ll. Can this camera support IStopMotion?

Has anyone gotten an answer??
We have the same problem. It’s driving us crazy!