Can you explain this behaviour with the GPU?

Hello All
I am on mimoLive latest version (5.10)
I have an iMac pro with a Vega 64 -16 Mb graphic card. I also attached an external eGPU with a very powerful graphic card AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100 (the power source in 650 and runs through thunderbolt 3 into the mac).
I did not click the prefer eGPU option for mimoLive, but see what happens…
I do notice the chroma is especially sluggish…and sometimes the external eGPU switches off with a bipping sound.
I ran the monitor and look at the consumption of eGPU resources.

How is this possible?


Hi @pablo. A lot of the resource management is done by macOS on the Mac. If the OS decides it is better to use the eGPU it will do so. One indicator is whether the mimoLive window is on a display connected to the internal or the external GPU. I have no idea why the eGPU is turning off, but it may be overheating or drawing more power than the enclosure provides?

Thanks Oliver.
The mimoLive window was on the mac, no on the external display.
If you need to bet, would you presume that it is the power of the eGPU? It is 650w and I might change it for a 750w. I hope it is not the external graphic card.

The typical TDP for the WX9100 is 250W the suggested PSU 550W, 650W should be enough.

Hello there
I have created a video to show the issue.
Would you say it is powesource related, faulty graphic card, software?
I can’t upload mp4 file, so I attached the link.
Thanks for your help

That doesn’t sound good, but is most likely related to hardware. It is very high pitched, but could be a defective fan. You need to contact the service center for the eGPU I think.

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