Can you add a font to fotomagico

Is it possible to add an asian style English font to fotomagico?

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You can’t add fonts to FotoMagico itself. You need to add fonts to your Fonts folder either inside of your personal user account or inside the System folder Fonts folder (did that sound confusing?). From within FotoMagico whenever you want to add text, it just uses the System calls to display all the fonts in those two locations in the Fonts drop-down list.

Which “asian style English font” are you trying to use? Do you have a name for it? Or are you just generally looking for that type of font? Your best bet would to use Google to search for those parameters to find a free downloadable font that you can place inside one of the two Fonts folders I mentioned above. Type “asian style English font” into Google – my search immediately came up with 49 free fonts from

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Here you’ll find a description, where you can add your fonts:

At are squilions of free fonts available. Just browse the categories. :slight_smile: