Can Version 3 for ipad import photos take previously?

So someone ask with version 1.2.2 if it was possible to import photos from the ipad library and the answer was no. Is it possible now in version 3?
If we have photo already taken, can they be imported or do they absolutely have to be taken while the camera is in sink. I know you can do it with the computer version, but how about the ipad?

The current version of iStopMotion for iPad 1.3 can’t import images from the iPad library. We have this feature on our list but I can’t promise when it gets implemented.

This would be a great feature for GoPro users. I would love to import my timelapse photos from the GoPro onto the iPad for quick processing in iStopMotion.

Any update on this feature? I take a lot of time lapse photos when travelling and the GoPro is often used. The lack of importing photos into your app is the biggest roadblock regarding editing my videos while on the road. As it stands, I have to wait until I get home to process the the GoPro images through iStopMotion on the mac. I understand that providing this feature may cannibalize sales of the mac version of iStopMotion, but until this feature is included I cannot recommend the iPad version as a serious production tool.

+1 for GoPro. I was just researching using importing GoPro timelapse photos and making video on iPad. Guess iStopMotion isn’t the solution. Anyone have another one?

Thanks for your comments on this feature.

For GoPro users this may be a your solution… I came across OSnap! (free in the iOS App Store today) that has an import feature for time lapse videos. The import photo function is an in app purchase for 0.99 cents and works as advertised, though I haven’t tested on a large batch of Photos yet.