Can not LogIn into YouTube

HI, i tried to Log Into different YouTube Accounts. But Google tells me, that Mimo is not yet varfied.
But i did already did connect 2 accounts 2Month ago. And now it´s now possible anymore…
Can any help in this point?

Same here! Just tried to add a new account to mimoLive and got the following message:


Any hints? @Oliver_Boinx @Achim_Boinx :pray:

Thanks a lot!

Thank you all for reporting this. Google has decided to put mimoLive under review again, and contrary to their stated policy of allowing the app to continue to work while review is going on, it turned API access off for new logins. The documentation states that you should be able to allow your account access to unverified APIs, but that didn’t work when I tried it just now. We’ve contacted Google and hope to receive more information soon.

Meanwhile, please use the RTMP workaround for streaming to YouTube: YouTube RTMP Fallback - mimoLive - 5

Unfortunately, unlike Facebook, YouTube doesn’t have a convenient workaround for fetching comments without API access.

Hi folks, very good news! We received much better than expected support from Google and YouTube and access has been restored! Thanks to the folks at Google who made this possible!

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Hello there, @Oliver_Boinx! I have just confirmed that the functionality has been restored! Thank you very much! :smiley: