Can not connect mimocall to iOS users any way!!!

I just bough mimolive 2.8 last week. That’s fantastic live broadcasting app. I’ve ever used. But I have a huge problem with mimocall with iOS. I can connect with other source i need but i can’t only on iOS. Does anyone can advice me to solve this!!!
Thanks a lot

@“Fried Snow” Thank you for using mimoLive and the kind words.

mimoCall on iOS currently requires the use of a special app. I can send you an invite via Apple’s TestFlight if you send me an email address to send it to.

my email : or

Invitation sent!

Thanks, I’ve tried with ‘Flight test’ you’ve sent me. That’s Great!!!.

Hi, can you send me the test flight too?

thanks :slight_smile:

@CHBRA Done. Enjoy!

thank you very much! Works really good!

How can I buy mimoCall for iOS? Because i can’t find it on App Store

@“Fried Snow” It’s currently in Beta testing via Apple’s TestFlight app. I’ve sent you an invite.

Thanks you

plz can you send a testFlight app too my e-mail is tks

Can you send a testflight invitation to to test it out with our MimoLive Copy?

Thank you

@“Sherif Kozman” @“Anderson Gomes de Oliveira” Invitation sent.