Can I run BoinxTV on a MacBook?

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>Can I run BoinxTV on a MacBook?</strong>
           <p>Yes, you can. But with the MacBook being the "smallest" Mac laptop it doesn't have enough graphics power to handle BoinxTV well. It will handle BoinxTV but don't expect too much of it. BoinxTV relies almost entirely on the graphics card and we recommend at least a 15" MacBook Pro.</p>
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How about a new macbook air?

Generally it will run but the performance will be less than great. The Air family has, due to size and battery restrictions, only non-discrete graphics cards. Since BoinxTV relies only exclusively on the graphics card these just don’t perform as well as dedicated graphics cards. It might be enough for some cases. Multi-camera productions can be too hard for these computers.