Can I or can't I get "live view" with the canon rebel T2i????????

HI there… I have a macbook pro…with the lion 10.7.2 version along with the istop motion express 2, 2.8.4 … Yet I can not get any live view when i hook everything up… my camera is found in the viewer section… everything is set to manual modes … i can take a picture with my camera that THEN shows up on my screen… but I can not see on my computer what I am seeing on my camera post picture taking. I have spent over a month on the phone with boinx support team… I was told time after time my camera would support the live view function and I would be able to do this… until today I was told on the phone it will not… Sooooo a very flustered and finically invested client would like to know now from another source… does this camera work with this program in the manner I’d like to use it or not… it is not useful for me if I cannot see what i am shooting from my camera on the computer before it happens… so if my camera can do this function as it has been told to me it can… PLEASE… What do i need to do to make this happen… and if not is it possible to get a refund? thank you for your time…

Sorry to hear that you had problems with iStopMotion together with your Rebel T2i.
Generally, “live view” only works with video cameras in iStopMotion at the moment. Pleas refer to for more in-depth details. The way still camera capturing works, is, you set up your camera, you capture a preview frame, find out if it is okay, and if so, insert it into the timeline.

You can of course get a refund if you are not satisfied. Where did you purchase iStopMotion?

Can you please add live view support for Canon Rebel T2i? If you do I will definitely purchase the software. It appears doable, as Dragon Stop Motion and Stop Motion Pro support live view for the Canon T2i ( and Thanks so much for working hard on the software!