Can I mix a 30fps source and a 60fps source as Picture in Picture with BoinxTV?

Hi all,

I do not own BoinxTV but I’m exploring it as an alternative. Seems to be a very high quality piece of software.

I’m interested in recording a main video stream as 60fps (720p or 1080p) using a Blackmagic Mini Recorder + GoPro Hero 4 Silver, together with a 30fps Facetime camera from a Macbook Pro Retina inserted as a small Picture in Picture in the upper corner.

  1. Is this setup possible with Boinx?
  2. Can I have a 30fps and a 60fps source mixed together with BoinxTV?
  3. Is an i7 Macbook Pro Retina late 2013 with NVidia graphics card enough to record this in real time with no 100% CPU load?

Thanks a lot for any discussion on this.

Hi Robert,

this is totally possible. I’d recommend setting the final recording to 30fps in BoinxTV. It will do the conversion from 60fps to 30 fps. This is totally possible on your machine.

Thanks Bastian,

is it also possible to have the final recording in 60fps?

yes, if you want that. in that case set your document framerate to 60

OK, thanks!