Can I input System Audio?

I use a program called Audio Hijack Pro to filter my microphone, but MimoLive doesn’t seem to be able to input System Audio. I run a couple of live Syphon video inputs, is there a similar method to get audio from other apps or system sources routed into Mimolive?


FWIW the same company that makes AudioHijack has an app called Loopback, which allows you to route several programs into a virtual microphone that you can pick in MimoLive as a mic. It’s expensive, but it works.

If anyone knows other (or cheaper) solutions, please feel free to add to this topic.

@wetcircuit Thank you for using mimoLive and taking the time to post on our forum!

Loopback is actually what we would have proposed as well. Currently, that is the best solution. There is a free open source tool called Soundflower, but it is less easy to configure.

Loopback is miles easier to use than Soundflower. Advise paying for it to save you the headaches of Soundflower, which will cost you more in time and frustration.