Can I get live view with my rebel t2i if I get an HDMI cable? I am using Mac os x 10.6.8

I have been making animations with a HDR HC9 sony using firewire but the camera is failing on me. I have a t2i, but I miss the live view! will this work with HDMI?
Also, would it be a problem to continue a project started on the HDR, and finish where I left of with the t2i?
Thank you!!

Yes you can get a live view via HDMI if you have a capture card. A project assembled of different cameras should not be a problem as well (beside possible different image looks).

Hi Rudolf, thank you so much for the prompt response.
What kind of card would you recommend? Do you mean an external one for the mac?
Thanks again.

We can recommend Blackmagic’s capture cards:

The problem is that you’d need USB 3.0, Thunderbolt or a MacPro for a capture card. What Mac model do you use?

Hi Rudolf!

I have an iMac, 3.06 GHz Intel core duo, and I am currently using os x 10.6.8.

Do you think that capture card would work for me? :slight_smile:

No, it will not. This Mac doesn’t have Thunderbolt.

I see. is there gadget out there that will help connect the card to the imac I have?

Hi there,
Decided to come back to this thread since I had already posted questions about this topic.
I do not really want to get another computer at this time, since the one I have is only a year old.
But i was wondering, if I connect the t2i through a USB cable, it wont give me live view, but will it affect the quality/image resolution of the videos or can you still get HD?
Thanks again for your time.

Hello Carlotta,

iStopMotion tells the camera to capture the image in the resolution the camera is currently set to, then downloading this image from the camera via USB (no changes happens here) and the down-scaling it to the pixel dimension of your document. So make sure that you setup your document at the beginning to your desired resolution (e.g. HD) and you will get the high res image quality your camera is providing. BTW it is a good way to check the quality of your production process by capturing a test image of a Siemens Star and check if the result is ok.

Thank you so much, Achim!

And thanks for the information on the Siemens Star, had never heard of that.