Can I create my own templates?

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>Can I create my own templates?</strong>
           <p>Creating a template for your show is very easy. Set up a document with the layers you typically need and configure it for the look and feel of your show. Add common media like intro movies and logos.  Once you are done select <em>File > Save As Template...</em> from the menu bar. A dialog will allow you to enter a name, description and preview image for your template. As soon as you hit Save your own template will always appear in the upper part of the New Document window.</p>
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So, this means if you see your web cams on two separate buses, you can have a two cameras production on the BoinxTV app. Will it matter then, if the the two cameras, you are using are the same exact model from the same manufacturer?

We had this setup working with two identical webcams on separate buses a while ago.