Can a slide show self-fit to the length of the music

PhotoPresenter has this built in, but I can’t seem to find out how to do it in Photomagico. Can this be done and if so, how?

There are a number of times where I’d just like to grab a number of images, select an appropriate length music and let it rip. Having the music end too early or finish after the slides gives kind of a lame show.

The audio track always has to fit (visually) to the slides before the length of the slides will be modified.
Please see the screenshots below to make it clear.
First selecting slides and added the length of the audio track according to the 5 slides:

Second the duration of the 5 slides is modified, as I wanted:

To sum up, the audio track has to fit the number of slides in the timeline (visually). Then the track will play until its end, because the slides’ duration has been modified accordingly.


Thanks, that did it.

I was looking for that in the Options - > Audio and/or the menu options. Didn’t think to look for it in a right-click. Because Photopresenter has such a straightforward approach, I was expecting it to be equally as simple in Photomagic. BTW, the Help File doesn’t show this at all.

I wish there was a simple function to adjust the slide duration to the audio. A simple one click function where all slides (say 400 images) would fit a number of music tracks. As it is now it is almost impossible and very time consuming when you add many music tracks after each other to have all the slides get the same duration. You have to adjust the beginning and end of each music track over and over to try to come as close as possible. Am I missing something?

We are working on a complete makeover of the audio handling but due to the technical complexity this will take some more time.