Camera Source Connected....BUT

Using MX02 LE and can see my Sony EX1 in Log and Capture mode running through FCP6, so I feel like Matrox is solid in and out to an external monitor. I’m getting BoinxTV saying most of my Matrox inputs are in use by another application. Really? I’ve shut everything down but BoinxTV

Matrox preferences are correct…or I couldn’t view it on FCP6. Video output is set to follow application. Oh, and I don’t need audio to follow. I am trying to do single camera IMAG.

What am I missing? What have I not clicked?

Well that is “supposed to happen” normally you can select one input. We get the last used input reported as “free” and so the others are flagged “in use”. You should nevertheless be able to select the appropriate input and get an image if the input selected in System Preferences, Resolution, Framerate and Bit depth are correct. That’s at least how our MXO2s perform.

Hi, no it’s a bug of some kind. I have a Matrox MXO2 LE and BoinxTV won’t allow me to use it, saying that Matrox is ‘in use by another application’ when it is NOT IN USE. Can we fix this? Like immediately? Ha!

“The device “Matrox MXO2 LE TAD99647” could not be opened because it is in use by another application.” I think Boinx needs to figure this out. And then tell us what to do to keep this from happening. I can’t use the Matrox with Boinx AT ALL. I chose this Matrox/Boinx config because of recommendations by both companies. That it will not work is maddening.

Still no word on this? It’s been MONTHS.